Performed the ground water flow modeling for the Schlage Lock Company in Colorado Springs to identify drawdown and capture zones associated with alternative extraction well networks. Used the results to design an interception system for PCE-impacted ground water migrating to the Widefield Aquifer, a major drinking water supply. Calculated the consumptive use of ground water through air stripping to amend the Temporary Substitute Supply Plan.  Evaluated aquifer tests. Designed a second ground water remediation system for the source area using numerical modeling to assess the capture zone with various pumping and slurry wall geometries. Assessed the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of the various designs. Evaluation of the numerical model results after one year of system performance by an independent party indicates that the model was successful in its predictive ability.

Performed inverse numerical modeling (using UCODE) of a remediation system at a site in Washington State as part of an annual performance evaluation. A technical paper was published and presented at the MODFLOW98 conference.

Constructed a flow model of the alluvial aquifer in the Lost Creek Basin northeast of Denver.  Performed flow modeling using inverse techniques (UCODE).  Assessed injury resulting from a transfer of water rights to a proposed wellfield in the south end of the basin. Evaluated the impacts of variable pumping schedules, and variable levels of drought using the calibrated model. Performed contaminant transport modeling using MT3D to simulate the changes in nitrate concentration and loading in the basin over a 40-year period. Predictive modeling results showed a model-calculated nitrate distribution within 1-2 mg/l of observed values supporting validation of the underlying flow model.

Participated in depositions related to a petroleum-contaminated site in Salt Lake City at which a remedial investigation had been performed.

Participated in a deposition related to a chlorinated hydrocarbon-contaminated site in Riverside Calif.  at which a remedial investigation had been performed.

Constructed and calibrated a flow model for an industrial complex near the Tennessee River in Kentucky. The model was constructed primarily to determine contaminant loads to the River.

Designed and performed remedial investigation activities for petroleum compressor stations in Weld County, Colorado. Installed monitoring wells to evaluate the offsite extent and nature of hydrocarbon compounds. Conducted soil vapor extraction pilot tests to determine SVE feasibility as a remedial technology for free product removal. Identified the potential for in-situ biodegradation using geochemical data.

Managed a major RI/FS of a pipeline terminal on Cook Inlet, Alaska. The pipeline terminal included many source areas and acted as a hub for distribution of crude petroleum to five outlying refineries. Chemicals of concern included dissolved phase hydrocarbons, LNAPL and DNAPL. Target populations included private well owners and Cook Inlet as a major fishing resource. Responsibilities included: (1) management of field crews and analytical laboratories (a new method for fingerprinting crude oil in soil was developed as part of this RI); (2) evaluation of ground water contamination, and potential for further leaching of compounds from soil matrix (with TCLP analytical methods); (3) evaluation of complex hydrogeologic system within glacial, tidal and alluvial deposits; (4) evaluation of significant Cook Inlet tidal fluctuations on ground water levels, and contaminant distributions and flushing; and (5) proposal of remedial alternatives.

Managed soil remediation project at off-coast spill site on Cook Inlet.

Designed and performed site characterizations at petroleum-release sites in Anchorage and Fairbanks for a large Alaska Native Corporation.

Project Hydrogeologist for the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study activities at the Pueblo Army Depot in Colorado.

Performed drilling, sampling and contaminant and hydrologic data analysis activities at petroleum, mining, pesticide and wood-treating facilities in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana and North Dakota. Staff hydrogeologist for hydrogeologic characterization of chlorinated hydrocarbon plumes in the shallow aquifer associated with Sand Creek from Stapleton Airport and additional South Adams County source areas.